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Boyd Landscape Design Glossary

Flowers that only last for one season.

Composted loam
A soil mixture that includes raw topsoil, sand and compost.

Core Aerating
A service performed when soils become compacted. Core aerating pokes holes in the ground and removes cores of soil. Aerating allows water and oxygen to access the root system and loosens soil conditions.

Mowing the lawn weekly can create a buildup of dead grass called thatch. Some thatch is beneficial, but too much thatch can suffocate the root system and hinder healthy growth. Dethatching is a service performed to the lawn using heavy steel tines to remove the thatch layer. The thatch is then removed from the lawn.

Dry Well
A basin created to displace water. Dry wells are created to collect and manage excess water within a property.

Materials added to the soil to feed plant material. N-P-K are the common macronutrients that are used in gardening and lawn care. Nitrogen (N) is responsible for stem growth, foliage growth and coloration. Phosphorous (P) is responsible for developing strong root growth. Potassium (K) is responsible for overall plant health and disease resistance.

French Drain
A type of drain that uses perforated pipe to collect water from a source. The pipe is wrapped in crushed stone and fabric to prevent clogging of the pipe. The pipe has an exit to move the water away from the desired area.

Gutter Extensions
A trench is developed and pipe is installed to move water away from the house.

A method of applying grass seed using a mechanical hydroseeder. The tank is filled with water and then bales of a 70/30 wood-paper fiber blend are added. The hydroseeder has a large mechanized paddle in the middle of the machine to mix the ingredients. The water and fiber create a slurry when mixed. The grass seed, starter fertilizer, lime and a soil stabilizing solution called tackifier is then added to the slurry. The hydroseed solution is then sprayed on to the newly prepared soil surface.

A material that is added to a lawn when a soil test reveals that the pH is low. New England soils tend to be acidic and lime will correct the acid levels. A common mistake is to apply lime randomly year to year. A soil test should always be performed to indicate if lime is needed.

A method of seeding a lawn after core aerating is performed. A broadcast spreader is used to disperse grass seed into the thousands of holes developed from aerating.

The pH scale ranges 0-14 which indicates the acid and alkaline levels within the soil. Acidic levels will be 0-7 and alkaline soils will be 7-14.

Slice Seeding
A method of seeding using a mechanical slice seeder. The mechanical seeder has a series of steel blades that cut the surface of the lawn and drop seed into the disturbed areas.

Soil Test
A test that will determine N-P-K levels within the lawn. The test will also reveal levels of very important micronutrients. The two most important components of the test are pH levels and CEC levels. pH will determine the acid levels and the CEC will determine the overall organic value and capabilities of the soil.

Starter Fertilizer
Fertilizer that is high in Phosphorous. Phosphorous is very important in the beginning stages of root development in a newly seeded lawn.


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